Let's shape our Startup Ecosystem together!

The Ecosystem Pulse Check will capture  feedback from founders in real time and play it out to the region’s top decision-makers.
By answering short and user-friendly micro-surveys tailored to your needs, you contribute to the development of our ecosystems, but also benefit yourself:

  • Make your voice heard from politicians, investors and top decision-makers
  • Create more visibility for our ecosystem and your startup
  • Benchmark and track your startup’s development
  • Enjoy exclusive benefits like networking events and more
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Who will use your data?

Your Feedback will directly Shape our Ecosystem

Your anonymized feedback will be displayed on a digital dashboard in real time. Additionally special reports will be drafted for:

  • Politicians
  • Top Executives
  • Investors

Anonymized data will also be provided to our partnering universities and supporters for research.

Why should you participate?

Anonymized Data Access

All participants get access to anonymized data and can benchmark or track their own startup compared to others

Exclusive networking

STATION will host various networking and matchmaking events with corporates, SMEs or investors for all Pulse Check participants


Promote our ecosystem but also your startup. Participants can be listed in our Startup Directory and also in our Investor Report

Let‘s become the first data-driven startup ecosystem!

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How it Works

Register your Startup

After registering once with your startup’s basic data set, we can compare the results from the micro-surveys and draw better conclusions.

Additional benefit:
By registering for the Pulse Check you will automatically be listed in the STATION Startup Directory.

Share Feedback via Micro-Survey

Set your micro-survey preferences during your initial registration.

When answering micro-surveys you can, again, choose your most relevant topics. Furthermore micro-surveys are built to be answered without a lot of effort, therefore you will not find any open text questions or something similar.

Choose your prefered channel to receive micro-surveys:

Actionable Insights
to develop our Ecosystem effectively

We provide actionable insights for the region’s top decision-makers and investors. With our online dashboard and regular reports we want to answer questions such as:

Which areas need seed investments at the moment?
What talent skills are needed?

“We want even more founders with innovative ideas in the region. To achieve this, we need to become more visible and improve the framework conditions for start-ups. That’s why we support the Pulse Check!”

Christina Kraus

Founder, meshcloud

“As a banking metropolis, Frankfurt stands for the financial sector like no other city in Germany. Although some start-ups are enriching the region, the trend seems to be taking a turn: If one looks at common location rankings, it is noticeable that the region is increasingly ranked at the bottom. The start-up location Rhine/Main must continue to be promoted and for this a massive rethinking in politics and business is necessary. The Ecosystem Pulse Check helps to channel representative feedback from startups to the right places.”

Marco Adelt

Founder&Managing Director, CLARK

“With the Ecosystem Pulse Check, we can establish a consistent and automated feedback process to policy makers and business representatives. If we want to play as an ecosystem on the international level, this is an absolutely necessary prerequisite.”

Florian Hildebrand

Founder&Managing Director, Qualifyze

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